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5 Amazing Bingo Games

Rate this Article With so many Bingo games available today, and its long history what is it that makes this game so much fun to play? Slots & Bingo Games - 5 Amazing Bingo Games

Bingo games in general are quite amazing as they offer players with a really addictive, semi-competitive environment as they try to get a bingo before anyone else on the table to win big. In this article we're going to pick out the five bingo games that caught our eye the most.

Overall, the concept of most bingo games is quite simple and pretty much every single release follows the same formula but there are a few things that differentiate the good bingo games from the great. First off is of course that any top tier game will allow players to choose as many cards as they'd like to play with. Having more cards means that you'll get to your bingo quicker hence win more often. Another thing that's common amongst most top tier bingo games is the winnings that you get to earn in them are usually quite large which motivates players to keep playing more and more.
The following five bingo games are those that, to us, were the most enjoyable of them all.

Lucky Bingo

There are many things about this game that have netted a spot for it in this list but the main thing we love about it is the fact that it has three different game modes. There's a live action mode for the competitive audience, an instant bingo mode for those looking for a quick gameplay session and a slow mode for the more casual players. Overall this is definitely one of the most finely crafted bingo games out there.

2. Bingo Blingo
What makes Bingo Blingo is great is the fact that it implements power-ups into the traditional bingo gameplay formula. Although it might seem like power-ups have absolutely no use in a game like bingo, this game does an excellent job of adding them into the mix which makes for a really refreshing gameplay experience that can certainly be enjoyed by pretty much every kind of player.

3. Bingo Bash
Although it doesn't really break any new ground like the games mentioned above, Bingo Bash is still a great game because it sticks to the roots of the genre and manages to provide a really well designed classic experience which will be appreciated by veterans as well as newcomers to the genre. You won't be relying on power-ups or boosters in this game as it's based completely around traditional concepts.

4. Zynga Bingo
Zynga Bingo is basically the full package when it comes to bingo. This game has pretty much every single thing you'd expect from a high quality bingo release. The gameplay is really well designed, there are in-game power-ups that can be utilized to get an edge during the rounds and there are tons of social features as well which round this game off nicely.

5. Wingo Bingo
Wingo Bingo is best thought of as a mix of both classic and modern bingo concepts. The gameplay is based around the traditional style where you can play with up to four cards but alongside this, the unique thing about it is that the classical gameplay is complemented by the addition of in-game boosters that enhance the experience quite a bit.

All things considered, the bingo games mentioned above are definitely those that gave us the most enjoyable experience. Needless to say, we recommend that you try a few it to see for yourself the great experience that they have to offer.

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