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Expected Online Casino Trends in 2018

Rate this Article With the popularity of cryptocurrency and virtual reality on the rise, these are among the many new online casino trends that we expect in 2018. Slots & Bingo Games - Expected Online Casino Trends in 2018

Online casinos offer gamers the opportunity to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own home. So, what will the year 2018 offer? What trends will emerge, and where will the industry go? Here we explore the expectations for the coming year.

The online casino industry has grown steadily year-on-year, and the projected figures show that the figures will continue to increase in the year 2018. The accessibility, security, and entertainment that legitimate gaming sites offer have drawn in recreational players from all walks of life, and this should continue as more games are developed throughout the year.

You can expect to see an increase in choice in 2018. Not that we are lacking choice with large online casinos offering hundreds of slot and table games, but the coming year will see the addition of even more slot game and themes, increased availability of table games and innovative additions to the gaming world, such as the eSports poker game Power Up.

One of the driving forces behind the increase in choice is the amount of data available on player preferences. Using sophisticated analysis, websites and game developers can create new games and themes based on what players want and can keep up with popular trends in society. If there’s a new film that explodes in the mainstream, expect to see a slot theme soon after!

There is likely to be more focus on skill-based games in 2018, at least according to the Global Gaming Expo 2017, which highlighted that new online gamers want more games that require a bit of strategy. Developers are expected to respond by making new skill games with chance and wagering elements.

Along with an increase in choice and availability of games, you can expect to see more bonus offerings in 2018, as no deposit bonuses become the norm and players seek out websites that offer the best returns on their risks. Competition encourages sites to offer more, including bigger jackpots!

Sites may also offer new deposit methods, including eWallet and cryptocurrency payments, which are proving to be a convenient and secure way to make global payments. As Bitcoin and altcoins gain popularity in 2018, more online casinos may start to accept them as payment.

Speaking of improvements in technology, one of the biggest trends in online casinos in 2017 was the “live dealer” experience, the fusion between the online and land-based environments. Live dealer games offer players the excitement of playing with a host and betting on the spin of a physical wheel or the turn of an actual card. Sites like PokerStars Casino offer innovations like their “Dream Catcher,” a wheel of fortune game with a live host.

In 2018, online casinos will continue to increase their live dealer games, and the quality and availability of the experience are expected to improve dramatically. We may also see more social media coming into play, with the live dealer games becoming social hubs for gamers.

There’s no way to really discuss the technology of gaming without talking about VR. Though not yet mainstream, VR technology will soon come down in price and go up in quality, with many games consoles now offering a headset with their devices. Online casinos are expected to introduce more VR games with 3D environments, which allow the player to place their bets on the roulette wheel or pull the lever of a slot machine. Thrilling, but then again, if I’m going to use my arms, I may as well get out there and go to a land-based casino!

We hope you have enjoyed examining the top online casino trends for 2018 with us. Good luck with the virtual tables! And have a good new year!

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