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Free Online Slots vs Real Money Slots: Why Not Both?

Rate this Article There are so many different types of slots you can play these days and you can play them using virtual currencies or you can use real money instead… but what if you can do both? Slots & Bingo Games - Free Online Slots vs Real Money Slots: Why Not Both?

Online casinos and slot games are booming! Unlike land-based slot machines, game companies are able to churn out slot games at a much higher rate and also furbish them with so many attractive themes and fancy effects that land-based machines simply cannot compete with. Most players like the idea of being able to play their favorite slots while relaxing at home rather than having to drive all the way to the nearest land-based casino.

However, one really interesting aspect about all of this is how you pay for your games. Obviously, for land-based slots, you don’t really have a lot of options – either you have the money to play or you don’t. Online slots, on the other hand, aren’t restricted in such a way – you can play it for free (by using virtual currency) or you can play it using real cash just like a land-based machine.

Free Online Slots

Now, free online slots are incredibly fun and can be even more addictive than real money slots mainly because most of these games don’t impose any sort of restrictions on your gameplay, so you basically can play for as long as you like. This is in contrast to the life-based system often used in match-3 puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga.

Not to mention, most of these games, like Gamehouse Casino Plus and FaFaFa Gold, have plenty of features to keep you engaged. Aside from the sometimes impossibly wide variety of themed slot machines, some games also include unique game modes or add other casino games like blackjack, poker or bingo into the mix.

Of course, another important aspect about free online slots is that you will be playing with virtual currency and as such, most games are really generous when it comes to giving away free currency. The entire purpose of which is to make you can stick around and play the game longer. After all, the developers of these games are also counting on the ad revenue to bring in some profits.

Considering that you would not be actually losing any of your own money, free online slots are also great if you are completely new to the game genre and have no idea where to start. You will have the freedom and basically unlimited time when it comes to understanding the rules and trying out different types of slot machines to find the one that you like the most.

Real Money Slots

However, if you are in it to win it big, then real money slots are the only way to go! As opposed to playing free games that don’t really get you anything at the end of the day, you can win real money if you are willing to spend some. After all, the thrill of getting a massive win or even pressing the Spin button in free online slots just doesn’t feel just as electrifying as in a real money game. The stakes aren’t there and hence, it is just not the same!

There are admittedly some restrictions in place mainly because real money is involved but on the bright side, you can choose to play real money slots from the comfort of your home and while on the go, or you can head over to a land-based machine or casino instead.

The Best of Both Worlds

Since free online slots and real money slots each have their own advantages, would it be great if you are given the choice to switch between these two equally attractive options? Well, now you can!

Unlike some online casino sites and many land-based casinos, 888 Casino New Jersey has a wide variety of fun and exciting slot machines for you to play for completely free or, if you’re feeling very lucky, by using real money. But if you ask me, it is always best to start playing by using the virtual cash you are given just so you can get a feel for the game before putting real cash into the equation. You can also try the many different slot games available on the site using your free virtual currency to find one, or a few, that you truly enjoy – Here, take a look:

So, if you are living in New Jersey and are looking for a great online casino that offers both free and real money options, 888Casino is a really great bet. In fact, if you complete its fast and easy registration and confirm your account, you can get started right away with an irresistible, no deposit bonus of $20.

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