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Is Luck a Factor in Slots?

Rate this Article Is luck a big factor when winning in slot machine games? Slots & Bingo Games - Is Luck a Factor in Slots?

Every once in a while, someone wins big at the slots and people all say, “Wow, that’s a lucky person.” Some people, however, are left wondering if that person is just lucky or has he mastered the art of winning at slot machine games?

The question here would be: “Is luck really a factor at slot machines?”

To answer that, people will have to understand how slot machines work. You’ll notice that, after pressing the spin button, the slot machine will roll over the images at fast speed and then come to a sudden stop. When it does, it outputs a series of icons in random order. When you manage to get a winning combination, then the machine will credit your winnings against your remaining chips or coins.

The process again repeats itself, if you set your slot machine to full auto, or will wait from input from you before it commences again.

You see, everything is random when it comes to slot machines. Of course, there’s an algorithm governing the functions of slot machines that are working behind the scenes. However, the role of this algorithm is simply to make sure that the combinations are indeed random and not contrived. If someone is to master the algorithm (which is near to impossible), then he or she has stumbled on a cash crop and the casino will lose money. That’s not how the game works, so, whether you like it or not, the algorithm has to make it a bit difficult for you to get to the winning combinations.

Bear in mind, however, that it is only difficult and not impossible.

Thus, you can find that luck is indeed a big factor when playing slots. If you’re lucky enough, then you’re going to win big and walk away from the slot machine with huge amounts of cash. However, if you’re not lucky enough on a given day, you might find that you’ve lost all the money that you’ve brought into the casino or into the online slot machine that you’ve played in.

Some people claim that the pacing of how you press the button can have an influence on your winnings on a certain day. That is partially true. It pays to understand how the algorithm works – the computer inside every slot machine continues to compute and come up with permutations and combinations even when you did not press the button. If you’re lucky enough to press the button at the very second that the computer has come up with a winning permutation, the pace at which you’ve pressed the button did indeed influence the outcome.

However, luck still remains a dominant factor when playing slot machines. That’s what makes these machines a lot of fun even for non-gamblers in the casino. There’s a lot of thrill involved, and plenty of fun especially when you’ve landed on a winning combination that returns big payouts.

A note, however – if you’re playing using real cash, it’d be great to make sure that cash is in an amount you can afford to lose. If you lose, learn to walk away. Don’t chase losses.

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