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Monopoly Live from Evolution – An In-depth Review

Rate this Article Spice up your Monopoly game with some real money gaming with Monopoly Live from Evolution! Slots & Bingo Games - Monopoly Live from Evolution – An In-depth Review

If you love playing Monopoly but you find it to be a little “tame” and are looking to spice things up with some real money gaming, look no further than this brand-new game from Evolution, the leaders in online gaming, Monopoly Live!

Evolution Live Monopoly incorporates the giant vertical wheel iconic in the popular American game show, the Wheel of Fortune, with the family board game from Hasbro that everyone loves – or hates if they had the bad luck of landing on someone’s hotel-added property – Monopoly to give you a one-of-a-kind experience…and best of all, it’s completely live!

What this means is that instead of simply watching as other people win a ton of cash prizes, you can get in some of the action yourself! How does this work? Well, it’s very straightforward. Like most live casino games, you’ll join a game room with other players. Everyone will place a bet on which number the wheel will stop at, namely 1, 2, 5, or 10. The host will then spin the wheel after all bets are placed. If the players guessed right, they will win a corresponding payout.

Monopoly Live - Live Play

So, let’s say you bet on the number 5. If the wheel stops at 5, you’ll get a 5 to 1 payout. There’s no need for complicated paytables in this game – if the wheel says you win, you win!

Naturally, to make things more interesting, Monopoly Live is infused with fun elements from slots as well as from the board game it is based on, namely the bonus games and CHANCE. You see, there are also two special “numbers” that players can bet on, specifically “2 rolls” and “4 rolls”. If the wheel stops at either one of those “numbers”, the bonus game will be activated.

Mr Monopoly, who has always been sitting in the corner just chilling with his newspaper, will leap into an augmented-reality 3D Monopoly board, bringing all the players on a fun stroll around the place. With the roll of the dice - 2 or 4 rolls, depending on which number the wheel landed on, Mr. Monopoly will walk along the board, collecting prizes, multipliers, and more along the way.

Like a standard Monopoly board, there are also elements from the beloved board game such as GO, Chance, Community Chest, Jail, and Super Tax, as well as houses and hotels. Everyone can enjoy the spectacle but only the players who have bet on those two special “numbers” will be able to win prizes from the bonus game.

Monopoly Live: Bonus game

Everyone who plays Monopoly before knows the thrill of flipping over a CHANCE card. This is exactly why Evolution has decided to add this feature on the wheel. Whenever the wheel stops on the “CHANCE” segment, a CHANCE card will be drawn by Mr. Monopoly and handed over to the players.

However, in this game, every CHANCE card brings only gifts, no penalties! The gifts can come in the form of a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus… and in Monopoly Live, the multiplier bonus can be stacked! Who knows? You might just be one of those lucky fellas on the Live Monopoly Big Wins list who has had their payout multiplied a couple folds over, thanks to “Chance”!

Despite being the only one offering real money gaming, Monopoly Live isn’t the only Monopoly-themed gambling game around though. Hasbro has been collaborating with a host of developers to produce such fun games like Monopoly Bingo, Monopoly Slots, and the more recent, Monopoly Poker, but to be honest, Monopoly Live is definitely the most entertaining of the lot. Not only does it contain the exciting and timeless “money wheel” gameplay, but it is also infused with a “wow” factor that only the latest technology can offer. So, don’t wait - Join Mr. Monopoly on the set of Monopoly Live and get your hands on the biggest win yet!

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