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Top 4 Android Slot Games in 2017

Rate this Article Let us look at the Top 4 slot machine games for Android devices that made their mark in 2017. Slots & Bingo Games - Top 4 Android Slot Games in 2017

2017 has come and gone and, before 2018 comes in full force in February, let’s take some to look at what the previous year has brought us. In this case, let us look at the Top 4 slot machine games for Android devices that made their mark in 2017.


Number 1 is Slotomania. If there’s one thing you’ll surely love about this game, it would be the insane amount of graphics and animation that are excellently done. Plus, it comes with a blast of nostalgia - the graphics are reminiscent of the old yet classic slot machine games that started everything rougly 30 years ago.

Oh, you also have the daily jackpot through which, if lucky enough, you get to win an immense amount of in-game cash!

Slots Huuuge Casino

If you feel like exerting some control over the risks that you face when playing slot machine games, then you should head over here to Slots Huuuge Casino.

The most striking feature of this game is that it allows you set thresholds as to possible losses that you could incur when playing. After all, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose in gambling. When you first start out -- in other words, when your levels are low -- you can only bet at a certain amount. However, when you’ve gained enough experience and have leveled up, you can now wager higher amounts!

It’s almost similar to how people do it in real-life casino gaming: beginners start out small as they test the waters and, as they become more proficient, they start betting higher. Of course, in here, everything you bet is virtual.

House of Fun Slots

There’s one reason why over 3 million players continue to play this game, and you’re about to find out.

It has everything that you love about slot machine games, but it has its own perk as well. Have you always thought you could change how the slot machine that you’re currently playing looks like? Well, House of Fun Slots lets you customize your slot machine games!

Aside from that, the game is very generous with its in-game cash. You only need to wait 3 hours and you can claim more bonus cash!

Cashman Casino

The fourth game is Cashman Casino. Simply start the game up on your Android device, and you can quickly see just how diverse the game’s library is. Have a specific theme in mind? Well, just browse around and you can certainly find a slot machine that’s themed around that concept. Sky’s virtually the limit here folks!

Best of all, these four games are for free! There are options for you to purchase in-game cash through micro-transactions, but you don’t need to make an in-app purchase in order to luck these games’ features. All you really need to do is just download the game through the Play Store, and you’re all set!

Good luck, and happy gaming.

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