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Top 5 Wild West Themed Slots

Rate this Article No matter if you prefer to play your slot games for free on your browser or Facebook, or even through Big Fish Games, we've got the best 5 slot machines with the Wild West theme that you should definitely try. Slots & Bingo Games - Top 5 Wild West Themed Slots

Slot machines are popular not only for their amazing payouts and thrilling gameplay; People also know them because of their amazing themes and colorful visuals. There seemed to be something psychological about that: Although slots are based purely on luck and how fast you press on that “Spin” button to spin the reels, playing the slots of your "luckiest theme" often results in huge winnings.

Not to mention, since you'll be playing that slot machine for quite some time, why not play a machine with the theme that you love? In this article, we'll be taking a look at 5 of the best Wild West-themed slot machines in the Internet that you might want to play.

Topping the list is a pretty popular Wild West-themed slot game developed and published by StarGames, Bullion Bars. Themed after the 1850’s Gold Rush in the West Coast, the player’s goal is to line up three identical symbols, one on each of the three reels in the slot machine. If you’re lucky enough to land at least two winning combinations in a row, then you can win even more with the Streak feature turned on!

Bullion Bars is very popular because its odds are one of the best among its competitors. Can you imagine a 94% chance of returns from your wager? That's a percentage of return that slot players would literally die for! If you love gambling and winning, and that you have a penchant for Wild West-themed slots, Bullion Bars is definitely the game to go to!

Let’s move over to Big Fish games, as they have some of the best slot machine games as well. Through its Game Manager App, you can download and play Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout. This slot machine game gives you quests involving outlaw gunslingers who seek to terrorize town. To stop them, you’ll have to play slots and achieve goals so you can move on to the next levels! It brings a fresh new perspective to the "slot games" genre and is something that even non-gambling players may enjoy playing.

You could also find Big Win Goldmine in Big Fish Games as well. Just like Bullion Bars, the game is set during the Gold Rush in the United States’ West Coast. You take on the role of a middle-aged bearded man out to hit it big in the mines of California. In addition to the basic slot machine gameplay, you also get to trigger amazing bonus games like the Roulette.

Big Win Goldmine also features amazing high-definition graphics, so image-conscious players will definitely love this.

If you’re fond of Facebook games instead, then you could give Longhorn Slots a try. This slot machine has plenty of rewards for those that decide to play regularly. Accumulating enough experience points will allow you to unlock new slot machine games within the same App, so you have a lot of challenging slot machine games to choose from, the longer that you play. It has plenty of cool mini-games too!

Coming in last (but not the least) on this list is myVEGAS Slots' Wild West-themed Frontier Fortune slot machine. It is an awesome slot machine game with plenty of bonus features and content that should get every slot machine player wanting to sit in. The mini-games take center stage here, as they are a regular fixture. You don’t need to land on winning combinations to trigger these mini-games, as they are automatically turned on after every few spins. The best thing is, these mini-games are varied and non-repetitive so that should take the dullness of the grind away!

Give these five amazing Wild West slot machine games a run for your money (pun intended), and see which one of them, or maybe even all of them, are to your liking.

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