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What Is the Trick to Winning in 2048?

Rate this Article If you have been playing 2048 a lot and getting low scores, then you should give our tips and tricks a try. Slots & Bingo Games - What Is the Trick to Winning in 2048?

2048 is a puzzle video game by Gabriele Cirulli that lets you combine tiles until you come up with the final number of 2048. It’s a mathematical game that tests your skills to see if you can outplay the odds and random entries on each turn you take.

How do you play the game?

The board is made of a 4x4 area which can hold a total of 16 squares, and you can slide them up, down, left, to the right but not diagonally. You start with only two pieces but as you make a move, a new one pops up randomly on an empty slot. Each tile has a value equivalent written on top of it as you can merge them by sliding them into each other. However, they have to be the same, so you can’t just combine different-valued squares on the board. Remember that they can only be adjacent and not go on top of the other tiles. Once you have filled out all 16 squares without any moves left, you end the game with the score based on how much you have merged.

Some games use images or symbols to represent value. Take 2048 Pizza for example; instead of numbers pictures are placed like dough, sauce, cheese, and a simple pizza. As you keep combining these tiles, the value and the toppings of your pie increase as well. This goes on until you reach 2048, and will be presented with a beautiful pie to celebrate.

Tips and Tricks

If you're looking to get a better score or even win at 2048, we've got some helpful tricks for you!

1. Put your largest valued tile in a corner.

Putting the highest value on the corner in 2048 Pizza

If you lock the location of your highest numbered square to one side of the board, it becomes easier to position the next one near it so you can merge with it once you get the same tile ready. You place use lower-valued pieces on its side and fill up the remaining slots so it won’t be able to slide when you move the others around. This enables you to wait for their pair to show up so you can combine them.

2. Try to group the tiles according to values.
If you can separate the higher-numbered pieces and the lower ones on the opposite side, you can create a chain when you merge them. It also is easier for you since they are already beside each other, just waiting to be combined. This goes well if you use it along with the first tip above.

3. Be organized and plan.

Trying to organize the tiles in 2048 Pizza

You should establish a pattern on how you want to play the game, especially when combining your tiles. If you just go about randomly sliding the pieces, you can sometimes have the lowest valued square stuck in between the high ones, which makes them harder to merge with others. Try to think of the situation ahead so you won’t get unwanted pieces in between your pairs.

To sum it all up, these are a few tricks you should try out when playing 2048. It is going to need you to play a few more tries so you can learn how to implement and integrate it into your game and get that much sought out for 2048. Also, try out 2048 Pizza and find a new way to play it using pictures instead of numbers. So come give it a shot - you won’t regret it.

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