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Which Sports Do Latvians Like Betting on at LV BET?

Rate this Article Latvia is a regular fixture in the global sports scene, and the Latvian people love to bet, but the question is, which sports do they regularly do so? Slots & Bingo Games - Which Sports Do Latvians Like Betting on at LV BET?

For a small country, Latvia definitely punches above its weight, and this is regularly on show on the sporting stage. With only two million people to choose from, Latvian international squads often compete against the big boys and come out on top. As a result, the nation has a rich heritage regarding sports betting. It’s been legal since 2003, but there are periods in the nation’s history where gambling has been allowed against the odds, such as in the 1950s when horse racing wagers were legal. Of course, now that you’re aware of this, it begs the question – which sports do Latvians like betting on the most?


Football in Latvia is a big deal

Also known as soccer, football is the undisputed king of global sports betting thanks to its massive fan base. Billions of spectators tune in to watch the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United compete in their respective domestic leagues, as well as the Champions League. The World Cup, meanwhile, gets billions of viewers in a single month. Therefore, it’s common for customers at LV BET to not only place wagers on the local Latvian competitions, but also Europe’s biggest tournaments. That’s why you’ll find a range of sweepstakes and sports betting markets on the website, from the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A to the Copa Libertadores and Europa League – because it’s what the consumers demand!

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey

Having said that, the clear national sport of Latvia is ice hockey. Due to the country’s wintery conditions and its proximity to Eastern Europe, the Balkan region, and Scandinavia, the game’s popularity in the country took off as far back as the 1930s and has been at the top of the tree ever since. The fact that Latvian professionals end up playing for some of the biggest franchises in the world in the NHL only heightens the sport’s approval ratings among Latvian fans. And what better way is there to make the experience more exciting than placing a bet and watching it come to fruition? For that reason, the NHL and SHL (Swedish Hockey League) are two of the most bet on markets at LV BET.


Basketball is a popular sport in Latvia

Basketball is another Americanised sport that has strong roots in Eastern Europe, particularly Latvia. A fun fact – Latvia was one of the eight founding members of the International Basketball Federation in the 30s. Therefore, its appeal among the public has been around for decades. The arrival of legal sports betting in the early 2000s has exacerbated the issue because it adds to the sport’s engagement. Like ice hockey, several citizens have gone on to make it to the major leagues, including Uljana Semjonova and Kristaps Porziņģis. As a result, LV BET tries to provide a betting service people are proud of, just like Latvians are proud of their long basketball history.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games

Okay, this category isn’t technically a sport, yet it might turn into one in the future if the growth of eSports continues to skyrocket. Still, it’s impossible to talk about gambling in Latvia without speaking about online casinos as they are at the forefront of the industry’s success. LV BET slots are the high-earning services on the website, much like at all casinos, since players enjoy sitting back and relaxing while gambling. Sports are more intense, which is why it’s nice to switch off and release stress.

Latvians like to bet on a range of sports. Football will always be popular due to its worldwide demand. However, ice hockey and basketball are fan favourites, too, as are casino games such as slot machines.

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