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3 Slot Machine Games for the Holiday Season

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Confused on what slot machine to play over Christmas? Here are three suggestions. Slots & Bingo Spiele - 3 Slot Machine Games for the Holiday Season

Christmas has always been about generosity, about people giving more than receiving. Of course, it is still better if you can also receive right? That’s what playing slot machines online is for.

These slots are so generous with both their free credits and their winning schemes that people should make it a point to play slot machines at one point or another during the yuletide season. These games are free to play, anyway, so what’s there to lose for you?

Without further adieu, we have 3 slot machine games that you should be taking a look at over the yuletide season.

Santa Surprise Slots takes the top position in our list. As its name suggests, this slot machine is themed after the Christmas season’s most popular character - Santa Claus! Yes, the jolly old man with white beard and red suit takes center stage in this slot machine game.

Of course, the gameplay that you’re all too familiar with when it comes to slot machines is here, but the game has its own twist. You see, most beginners tend to over-spend their free credits on their first few levels in the game. This totally ruins the experience, because they have to wait until the next day in order to get a refresh of their free credits.

With Santa Surprise Slots, however, the system automatically puts a ceiling as to how much a beginner can bet so that they don’t get to bet 80% of their free credits on a maximum bet wager. As the player progresses further into the game, that ceiling is systematically raised.

In other words, the game does you a favor by making sure you don’t lose everything on your first day in the slot machine.

Classic Vegas is not solely themed on Christmas, but it does feature a Christmas slot machine every year to commemorate the season.

Unlike Santa Surprise Slots, Classic Vegas does not place a restriction on beginners, so you’ll have to be cautious about how much you bet at the start. While betting high does shorten the long grind, it also puts you at risk of losing EVERYTHING the game has given you for free. However, it does put in a lot more excitement to playing a game of slots.

As they say, “No pain, no gain.”

There are a lot of slot machine games to play here, so you could lose yourself over Christmas Day with this game.

This game might not be Christmas-themed as well, but the amount of freebies in this game sure fits the “generosity” that Christmas is known for.

You get a generous amount of free in-game coins right from the start when you play Jackpotjoy Slots, and you don’t have to worry about running out of money to bet in the games. This is because you get free coins as well with every instance that you log in to Facebook and play the game.

There are so many slot machines to play here as well. How does 50 slot machines sound to you? There’s something for you here no matter what theme you have in mind!

With these three slot machine games, you could spend the time you wait for the clock to strike midnight quite productively. Good luck and happy gaming!

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