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Facebook Slots Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With the rise of Facebook, and the ability to provide high quality games there has been a surge of amazing slots games, here we will briefly review 10 of the best. Slots & Bingo Spiele - Facebook Slots Games

With so many slot games on Facebook it can be a little difficult to find a game that you really enjoy, in this article we have compiled a list of 10 of our favorite Facebook slot games. While there are many more games that we enjoyed, each of these has a special something.

In Slots of Conquest you take over all of Europe one country at a time. Each country has a themed slot, all of which are fully animated and have bonus games and free spins. You are also able to leave a building in a country you own that will give you free coins or boosters.

MirrorBall Slots Is a full fledged pure slots game. With gorgeously animated machines and all 13 of them available to play without the need to unlock them. You have the chance to win some big prizes as you play too.

With NLOP Casino you can win bonus games that come with something a little special. Each machine has a theme, and the bonus games use that theme for a unique chance to win extra coins on top of those you win in the bonus game.

Take to the high seas in Slots of Plunder and enter into a world full of fun with a classic slots style. With everything you would expect in a slots game tied in to an engaging pirate story you are in for a treat.

Hollywood Spins brings you to the heart of movie magic with truly stunning 3D machines. Each machine has a particular movie as its theme and the graphics here are amazing. Mix this with a great gameplay and different types of slot you have a fantastic game.

In Slot Factory you are able to play over 40 different machines. With weekly and monthly tournaments as well as premium slots that you can unlock there is no end to what you can do.

Hot Damn Slots is a beautifully created game, with lots of slots to choose from, and each with an animated background that is tied to the machine. With a really nice quality feel to it these slots are fun to play.

Eldorado Slot Machines not only brings you almost 30 machines, but also the chance to try your hand at Roulette and Poker. With lots of chances to win and some fabulous slots to play on you can really walk away with some coins here.

Enjoy the classic Clickfun Casino, one of the first and still one of the bigges slots games on Facebook. With an elegant style and lots of bonus spins and free coins you will never be bored with this game.

Zynga Slots brings someting a little different, with 3 different styles of game available. You can choose to play a classic style or go on an adventure where you can win big but also defeat bosses for extra coins and achievements.

That brings us to the end of our list of some of the bes Facebook slots games, while there are many more for you to enjoy, we hope that you may find some inspiration in this list, and maybe we have brought you a new game that you really enjoy. We sincerely hope that you have fun in every one of these amazing games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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