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Non-sticky casino bonuses and their advantages

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Find out what's a sitcky and non-sticky casino bonus and which one's the best for you. Slots & Bingo Spiele - Non-sticky casino bonuses and their advantages

A casino bonus is a casino bonus, right? Sure, there’re a ton of different kinds, such as deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, and so on. But after all, you get something extra and can do with it as you please.

But bonus offers can also be split into an additional two categories; sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses. Those categories might not be as prominently discussed as the difference between deposit bonuses and a bonus without deposit or free spins but being aware of the differences and understanding them is the key to finding the right bonus for you.

Let us help with that!

What is the difference between a sticky bonus and a non-sticky bonus?

Sticky as well as non-sticky bonuses can be offers of any kind, but for ease of explanation, let’s have a closer look at deposit bonuses.

The main difference between a sticky bonus and a non-sticky bonus is that you can withdraw a bonus of the non-sticky variety after fulfilling all bonus requirements, while a sticky bonus cannot be withdrawn and you can only use it to make bets.

In reality, this will mean that a sticky bonus gets mixed in with your real money wallet straight off the bet. In case of a non-sticky bonus on the other hand, you will first use up your real money wallet, before your bonus money gets touched.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine you claim a 100% bonus up to €50. With a sticky bonus, you’ll have up to €100 that you play with right away, but the €50 bonus can never be withdrawn. You can only ever withdraw winnings generated from this bonus that exceed the €50. A non-sticky bonus will make you use your deposit of €50 first and if you win with that, you can make a withdrawal right away, without even worrying about wagering requirements.

Only once your initial deposit is used, will you start playing with your €50 in bonus money. Now, wagering requirements will come into play. But once fulfilled, your bonus money will also be transformed into real money and is available for withdrawal.

Why should I use a non-sticky bonus?

The main advantage of a non-sticky bonus is glaringly evident. You can transform the bonus money into real money and withdraw it. Sticky bonuses only allow you to withdraw winnings that exceed your initial bonus amount.

Another advantage is that you’ll initially play with your real money deposit, not having to worry about wagering requirements at all. If you get lucky with your deposit, you can cancel your bonus at any point and make a withdrawal. This tactic is not possible playing with a sticky bonus, where your real money deposit and your bonus money get combined from the get-go.

Most modern bonus offers are non-sticky bonuses and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a lucrative offer in a trustworthy casino. Get the information you need on various casino sites and easily find the best non-sticky bonus that tickles your fancy.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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