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Slots That Fit The Halloween Holidays

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Playing slots is the best way for you to pass the time on Halloween Slots & Bingo Spiele - Slots That Fit The Halloween Holidays

Most people like to spend their Halloween outside, doing trick-or-treat, or hanging around with friends in parties. If those activities are not your cup of tea, what can you do then on Halloween? You can, of course, play a game of slots.

There isn’t any better way to spend leisure time than to play a game of slots. Slot machines are very simple in mechanics, but are definitely very exciting. Think of any kind of game that could get people so worked up with just a press of a button - you probably can’t think of anything outside of slot machines, can you?

Now that you’ve decided that playing slots is the best way for you to pass the time on Halloween, it’s time for you to start looking for the games that you want to put on your list for the spooky holidays. You’ll find that there are actually A LOT but, don’t fret, we’ve prepared three games that you might want to play on Halloween.

First on the list is Ghost Rider Slots. Yes, you read that right. This slot machine is based on that popular movie based on that equally popular character from the comics. Because of that, you can play a slot machine with customized icons and graphics that reeks of the comic book character.

You can find the flaming skull and flaming motorcycle playing a major role in the slot machine’s pay table.

But that’s not all that Ghost Rider Slots has to offer you. While at its core it is a slot machine, it’s actually a casino. Because of that, you can find other casino games to play like Poker, so you never run out of things to do.

If you have a Big Fish account, you could give Slot Quest: Vampire Lord a try. The developer, Phantom EFX, has successfully brought together elements of a vampire horror story, and slot machine gameplay into one package.

It’s actually a horror adventure that happens to employ a slot machine gameplay, to be frank. You play the role of a vampire hunter that has come to get rid of an old and powerful vampire that has haunted an unnamed Eastern European village for years. The Vampire Lord, of course, is not to be outdone.

What does he do? He puts haunted slot machines in various parts of the village, and you’ll have to take on ALL of the slot machines’ challenges in order to defeat them and get closer to the Vampire Lord that’s been haunting the village.

Take note that slot machine games are inherently unpredictable, so get ready for a bit of a grind when playing Slot Quest: Vampire Lord. Don’t worry - it’s still a lot of fun though.

These are just two of the slot machine games that you can try out for Halloween though. Give our reviews some time to browse, and you can find plenty that will definitely suit your taste for Halloween-themed games:

  1. Slots Monsters Saga

  2. Creepy Slots

  3. Mad Mouse


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