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Which Countries Can You Play Bingo Online In?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Are you going on a trip soon and wondering if you can play bingo at your destination? Here's a look at a few countries you can play bingo: Slots & Bingo Spiele - Which Countries Can You Play Bingo Online In?

Although bingo is usually a game people associate with the elderly, the average age of players is going down, and I imagine this is in part due to the ease with which players can now play online. In the modern era we do everything online; even our parents and grandparents use smartphones. With this has come new ways to play games you'd have previously had to leave the house to play from the comfort of your home.


The Bingo Hall has always been a big part of British culture, but more and more people are leaving the halls in favor of playing on their devices. Doing it online means you can play whenever it is convenient for you, 24/7. There is also an endless list of bingo casinos to play from.

There are sites like JackpotJoy, an award-winning bingo site. JackpotJoy provides endless promotions and offers on its site for players. The site has several jackpots that have led to its success. These include Mini Bolt, Progressive jackpots, PowerBolts, and Maxi Bolt jackpot. Jackpotjoy features two bingo variations and 16 bingo rooms with our favorite title being Bingo Royale. Apart from bingo, the site also has several slot titles, casino games, and a live casino section. To keep up the community spirit synonymous with bingo, there is a chat room where players can chat with each other.

United States

People in the land of the free spend an estimated $90 million per week on the bingo ticket. There are different gambling laws in different states in America, and 10 states still don’t allow it as a commercial enterprise. But, bingo has been legal on a federal level since 2011. Bingo has really grown in stature across the states, and as well as playing in halls, there is now several real money bingo sites available to players in the US.

Whilst bingo is not as popular as sports betting has become in the US, there is still a huge loyal fanbase of players who love to play bingo in halls and more recently, online.


Italy is where bingo is said to have originated from. Just like in the UK, the average age of Italian bingo players is going down too. The game seems to be gaining popularity again, and online bingo has put the game back on the map in Italy just as it has in the UK. The Industry has been reinvigorated.


With over 400 bingo hall locations, online bingo availability, and even a very popular TV show where people can play along at home, it’s safe to say that bingo is something of a national pastime in Russia. Their biggest bingo operators are called Boom Bingo and Bingo Bum. They tend to favor the 90-ball game, although they do play other types too, and they even have some pretty interesting alternative bingo calls. Russia is another place where gambling is tightly controlled, so with bingo being one of the few forms of gambling that is allowed, it was bound to be popular.


In Sweden, bingo is one of the few forms of gambling that isn’t controlled by the state, which is probably part of what makes it so popular there. It may be surprising, but bingo is huge in Sweden, especially with younger players. It is actually thought to be as big in Sweden as it is in the UK, with a population of only 10 million.


Although bingo only really came to Romania in the 1990s, it is thought to be one of the biggest bingo hotspots in the world. Popular bingo site 888Ladies ranks them as number 2 for bingo’s popularity worldwide, Romania even has a national TV show dedicated to the game.


Bingo halls are actually illegal in Japan. It’s totally legal online, though, and it has become the world's second-largest market for online bingo. Japan even holds the world record for the biggest-ever game. It was played by a crazy 493,824 people back in 2010 - it goes without saying that it was an online game.

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