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Enjoy a wide variety of bingo games including Hot Bingo

Collect your daily freebies and compete in daily and weekly tournaments

Use the game’s many power-ups to your advantage to secure that bingo!

Developed by Topaz Star Entertainment, Big Balls Bingo is an addictively fun online bingo game you can play on Facebook or on your mobile devices. The game features a variety of delightful bingo game modes including daily and weekly tournaments, incredibly generous freebies, and interestingly enough, a way for you to customize your dauber. Sounds like a game you’d like to play? Well, do read on!

The game starts you off with a pretty comprehensive tutorial, introducing the basics of the gameplay along with the many features the game has. Generally, you’ll buy 1 to 4 bingo cards prior to a game, daub the numbers on the cards as the announcer announce the drawn bingo numbers and if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a bingo, or even four of them provided that you’ve bought 4 bingo cards.

But of course, there will be some features that you might need to explore by yourself, such as how to use power-ups. For instance, many newcomers may not realize that there’s rather small and circular power-up meter near the top right corner of the playing area. The meter will fill up with every daub you make. Once it’s full, you’ll get awarded with a random power-up but the thing is you have to click on it to use it. If not, it’ll just be sitting there, being completely wasted.

It’s also best to use these free power-ups as you get them. There’s really no point in waiting to use it later since you can start refilling the meter only after you use the power-up you got following a short cooldown. There are many different types of power-ups that you can get and each of them is incredibly helpful in securing a bingo win for you. However, do take note that not all game modes allow power-ups.

Another interesting aspect about its gameplay is the auto-bingo feature. Since the game offers many winning configurations, it can be hard to keep track of them all. This feature really comes in handy, as it allows you to focus more on getting the daubs right. After all, you only get to make a maximum of 5 mistakes per card before the card is forfeited.

Now, each game of bingo you dive into will cost you some energy to play since bingo cards are bought using energy points. However, unlike other games, energy is not something that can auto-regenerate over time. Instead, you should consider it as a form of currency that can actually be purchased using real money. That said, you can get free energy through the game’s many daily freebies, be it from the daily bonus, the free daily spin or the daily surprise, or by sharing your game achievements on your Facebook page. There are many other stuff you can win from these special daily events too aside from energy, such as coins and power-ups.

Online bingo games often fall into the pitfall of being simply too generic and becomes rather boring after a while mainly because the lack of a sense of progression. However, this is definitely not the case for Big Balls Bingo. The game has pretty varied game modes and themes for you to enjoy, ranging from Classic Bingo where power-ups aren’t allowed to a virtual version of strip bingo aptly named as Hot Bingo.

There is also Around the World Bingo for those who enjoy a dash of travelling with their favorite game, or Festival Bingo for those looking to get into a festive mood. Each of these themes have multiple game rooms for you to unlock as a form of progression, so you’ll have something to strive for as you play.

Feeling competitive? Well, you can head over to Bingo Tournament and compete with other players for the top spots on the leaderboard for either the daily tournament or the weekly tournament... or even both! Unlike other game modes where you’ll need to spend energy to buy cards, you can play up to 3 rounds of bingo for completely free!

Big Balls Bingo is also unique because it is possible among the handful of bingo games that allow you to customize your dauber. You can choose your own dauber design and color. The color is free for you to use, but you’ll need to buy the designs you want (using game coins) before you can use them.

The game seems pretty social as well, and has a rather good player base. You hardly need to wait more than 30 seconds for a game and the players in the room will often use the chat box provided to wish each other good luck. However, after playing a couple of rounds, I started to have a nagging feeling that these “players” are really “bots”. Most of the time, the stuff they say don’t really make sense, like saying “My bad” before a game even begins. It’s just odd.

Nonetheless, Big Balls Bingo is a surprisingly entertaining and somewhat addictive online bingo game that has amazingly varied themes and modes, including some of the more common ones despite the game’s rather suggestive title. If you like to spice up your daily dose of bingo, Big Balls Bingo might just be right up your alley! Big Balls Bingo Summary

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Collect your daily freebies and compete in daily and weekly tournaments

Use the game’s many power-ups to your advantage to secure that bingo!
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