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Facebook Bingo 3D
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Wingo Bingo is a fantastic social bingo game, play Free on Facebook.

Play with up to 4 cards at once.

Use boosters to win big prizes.

Enjoy mini slot machines and win up to 1000 coins.

Wingo Bingo is a fabulous free bingo game played through Facebook. You begin with free coins and tokens that let you jump straight into the action. After a brief tutorial you can see how to play and use your boosters.

With the option to play with 1 card, or up to 4 you can increase your chances to win. Each card costs 2 tokens, and you begin play with 50 tokens. The first 3 bingos will win tokens and coins, and any bingo will win 1 token back. If you have no bingos you will still earn some coins every time you play.

When you daub a number you will gain some experience, which counts towards your level. As you gain levels you will be able to play in a variety of bingo rooms, from the wild west to a pirate ship. Each room also has higher prizes ready for you to win.

The bingo rooms themselves are presented well, with the numbers called out in a way based on the theme of the room you play in, though in all rooms the calls are very clear. The most recent 5 numbers show across the screen, but there is no table of the numbers called, so you will need to keep up with the caller.

When you have daubed 3 numbers you will be able to use one of your boosters, these can vary from adding extra coins to the card, or automatically daubing some numbers for you on each card. You begin play with 20 boosters, and they can be purchased for coins if you are running low.

In each game there is also a chance to win boosters, as well as collection stamps. These stamps can be traded in for large amounts of tokens that you can use to play games. These stamps are placed under a specific number on your card when that number is daubed you will get the stamp.

There is also a bonus spin wheel, this is activated when you match a number over the wheel icon on a card. The wheel contains all of the possible prizes you can win. Coins, Tokens, Stamps and boosters can all be won, and you get a free spin for each number duabed with the icon.

You also have the option to purchase coins and tokens for real money, you can also ask your friends for boosters, or send them on to your friends as a gift. There is also a chat room available as you play, so you can talk to those in the same room as you or your friends if they are online.

While you are waiting for your game there is also a mini slot machine built into the game, from here you have the chance to win coins. If you want a break from the bingo there is also the chance to play on full size slot machines that cost coins to play on.

Wingo Bingo has the complete package for you to play, with the ability to chat to your friends while you play and mini slots with big prizes. With a simple and elegant style there is a real quality feel when you play.

The boosters can be very useful, and being able to buy them for gold means you can refresh them without the need to spend real money. With some nice rooms to play in and a large amount of people playing Wingo Bingo has lots to keep you entertained. Wingo Bingo Summary

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Play with up to 4 cards at once.

Use boosters to win big prizes.

Enjoy mini slot machines and win up to 1000 coins.
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