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Post Meno Recenti giovedì, settembre 10, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Pastry Passion

Pastry Passion Frozen Level Gameplay for Pastry Passion Pastry Passion Gameplay Enjoy a stellar combination of pastry and match three.

One of a kind gameplay mechanics that improve as you play.

Two game modes to test your might.
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giovedì, agosto 20, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Throne of Dragons

Throne of Dragons Slots Level map and Slots Lobby Wild Card Mega Win Bonus in Throne of Dragons Slots Throne of Dragons Slots Extra Experience Gem Bonus Experience a unique slots experience showcasing magnificent reel designs and motif to play with.

Enjoy the game's variety of gorgeously themed slots as well as their accompanying bonus games.

Double you winnings easily via the mega bet option to stake your winnings on a simple guessing game.
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sabato, agosto 15, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Gamepoint Slots

Gamepoint Slots Payout Patterns Wood Farm Theme in Gamepoint Slots Gamepoint Slots Dice of Fortune Slots Enjoy a free slots game endowing its patrons massive payouts for rewards.

Earn more experience as you put more money at stake to unlock more slots variety in the game.

Get bonus free spins and the lot of other bonuses to gain lots of free in-game credits and multipliers.
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martedì, agosto 11, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Superhero Slots

Superhero Slots: Iron Man Themed Slots Daredevil Themed Slots in Superhero Slots Superhero Slots: King Kong Themed Slots Enjoy a collection of various super hero themed slots, each showcasing a unique gambling experience.

Take the risk to maximize profits by maximizing your bets per spin and play on the bonus rounds.

Put money on the reels in every spin and earn experience to gain you the levels to unlock more slots.
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venerdì, agosto 7, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Jackpot Dreams Casino

Jackpot Dreams Casino Dream Spins to Unlock Slot Machines and Prizes Heavenly Pride Themed Slots Game in Jackpot Dreams Casino Jackpot Dreams Casino White Wizard Themed Slots Game Scour from the variety of slot machines to play and snatch big winnings as you earn the levels.

Gain free spins and multiply your winnings a several folds with the game's exclusive features.

Hit it big-time with massive payouts when playing high stakes bets or upon hitting the jackpot.
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mercoledì, agosto 5, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Casino Magic

Casino Magic Fortune Spin Theme Slots House of Luck Bonus Game Win Pattern in Casino Magic Image Alt Set your game over the great selection of casino games to play.

Choose from the different themed classic and multi-lines slots, bingo games, and even pachinko.

Put your faith on higher stake bets to earn you massive payouts in return.
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domenica, agosto 2, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Good Old Time Slots

Good Old Time Slots Crazy 8 Machine Gameplay for Good Old Time Slots Good Old Time Slots Gameplay Enjoy a classic slots experience that's full of enjoyment for all players.

Play the many different kinds of slot machines to maximize your winnings as much as possible.

Spin the wheel of fortune to get your hands on a really nice bonus.
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martedì, agosto 25, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Pirate's Treasure - Slots

Pirate's Treasure Slots Pirate Themed Slots Da Vinci Diamonds Slots Pirate's Treasure Slot Da Vinci Diamonds Slots Payout Patterns Experience a wonderfully themed slots center compiling its grandest machines for you to play in.

Get your rhythm started with the game's variety of gorgeously themed slots with massive payouts.

Enjoy the extras of bonuses and free spins to earn you those bits of boost as you gamble.
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mercoledì, luglio 29, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Karma Slots

Karma Slots Payout Pattern Earning Karma in Karma Slots Karma Slots Karma Wheel Bonus Play Enjoy a unique double direction vertical slots that delivers a brand new slots experience.

Earn karma from spinning and through bonus plays to obtain various chakra enlightenment.

Engage over real time ranking across the network and battle it out against thousands of online players.
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lunedì, aprile 20, 2015

Nuovo Gioco Aggiunto: Mondo Bingo

Mondo Bingo Win Gameplay for Mondo Bingo Mondo Bingo Gameplay Play with 10 cards and see how many different Bingo's you can make with 36 numbers.

Earn bonus balls for every bingo, up to 10 extra balls.

Claim prizes for each bingo you have and you can win big!
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