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martedì, gennaio 6, 2015

5 Good Looking Slots Games

There are lots of slots games available today, but here we have picked 5 of the ones we feel look really good and are brilliant to play. Hollywood Spins Mirrorball Slots SlotoBoom Slots Club 3D Slots With a huge range of choice available it can be hard to pick a game to try, sometimes it is the look of a machine that helps you decide. Bearing that in mind we thought we would bring you some of the best looking slots games that we have played.

How great a slot machine looks is a big part of what we look for when we play them, and there are some amazing 3D slot machines around that come with their own animations too. If you find a machine with a good theme that jumps out at you when you win, or has characters that are cute or realistic it makes the game much more fun to play.

Each of the 5 games we have for you below is a 3D game, with a large range of machines each with unique win patterns and different styles. We think these are some of the best you can find, and we hope you enjoy our list.

Mirrorball Slots is one of the biggest slots games you will find, and they have over 40 different machines for you to pick from. While not every machine will jump up and say play me, there are a few that really stand out above the crowd

In SlotoBoom you are presented with some amazing quality slots. There are characters that feel almost real when they roll down a reel, and when you win the graphics are pretty cool to look at too. There are also some unique machines that play in a different and fun way.

Take a fantastic trip with Hollywood Spins, your first machine sets the tone for the rest of the game as you smash your way through movie sets Indiana Jones style. One of the most realistic 3D games waits for you to try out right here.

For a more relaxed pace try Slots Club and enjoy a huge range of unlocked machines. Pick your favorite machine or experiment with a large selection of animated and fun slots.

3D Slots is exactly what it says, stunning machines that feel exciting to play as the animations are breathtaking. With some pretty fun wild's rules and bonus games thrown in to the mix you have a great looking game with some good machines too.

While we are all hoping to win some big prizes and top the tables in these games, it can not be denied that they are a lot more fun to play when they look good. We hope that you enjoy these games as much as we have.